Never before have we been more aware for the need of bacteria and virus free environments for home and business. 

It has been called the silent invisible enemy, yet it lives alongside us in our homes.  We are talking of course about indoor air pollution created by bacteria and spores.

Mould spore, bacteria, VOC's and strains of virus live in our homes, mostly unknown to us.  Any type of infestation is bad for your health and home.  The good news is it can be made safe both quickly and without mess with our electronic and vapour sterilisation process.

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Damp walls can be a problem as well as being unsightly.  Normally there are three categories that can define damp problems, rising, lateral and ingress from above.  Most damp problems are due to leaks of one sort or another and it is imperative that the correct diagnosis is made and the source of the problem is located.  We have specialist equipment to assist and pinpoint the problem.  Once repaired we clean back the walls, dry the whole room out, neutralise the sale acids and kill any mould spore with electronic sterilisation.  Job done.  One final note: Liquid injection does not work, see why on our damp page.

Mould and bacteria is bad for your health and home.

Mould needs organic matter to feed upon and moisture in order to grow. When growing conditions are right, mould releases spores and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air, this can make some people feel sick. 

If exposed to mould, spores can be breathed in or absorbed through skin. Mould can also grow on food and may be hazardous if ingested.

If left untreated the room effected can become toxic with furniture and fabrics having to be destroyed.  If the environment in right, six months is all it takes.


Is mould a winter problem?

Because we tend to see mould on the walls during the cooler months, many believe it's a winter problem. Mould spores are more active during to warmer months, this is when they will enter your home through windows and embed into your fabrics etc.  As the weather cools it seeks still air environments, usually in upper corners of a room to create a nest of secretions in which they propagate.  Usually when you see this they are well established.  So summer or winter, get it checked out and take our survey, its free.

A mouldy smell is typically sharp and sickly smell which is coming from live mould spores. They can invading your respiratory system straight away if you disturb them, so take care and have your house checked as soon as possible.


A musty smell, on the other hand, is typically a stale smell, as if something was once wet but is now decaying..... 


While a musty smell can certainly indicate the beginnings of a mould problem, especially if its a bad, strong smell, it is more likely to be decaying bacteria in carpets, fabrics or nooks and crannies.  Bacteria is a natural happening and is everywhere, but its not welcome in your home, so take action below.  

We can eradicate to problem in most cases quickly and without mess, with our electronic medical grade sterilisation units.  So make contact on the form below and we will provide a free survey with costings

Happy Kids Restaurant

Sticky fingers leads to sticky marks and food particles. Soiled fingers into the fruit bowl to grab an apple, deposits bacteria onto the fruit.


Young children have toys which is part of their learning, often these toys travel from hand, mouth, floor, down the back of sofas and dozens of places we won't mention, then back to the mouth again, all when we are not looking. You would be horrified, if you saw some of the bacteria reading we get of these items.  We have permanent low cost solutions to these problems to protect your family.

Get a free home check.  We can check the air quality in your home. Test for bacteria and mould infestation, humidity and damp problems rectified however big the job.

Where a problem exists we have electronic air purifiers, air drying purification, dry vapour sterilisers, fruit purifiers, fogging units that can kill 99.9% of viruses and  bacteria present in your home.


Fabrics, carpets etc or notorious for housing problems, we have the solution to all these.


Stale musty smells can be easily and cheaply eradicated, so book a free survey today. 


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